Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wash up

As a kid, I delighted in playing in the pine woods behind the house.  The swath of trees separated my parents' property from a private country club.  With my sister and neighbors, we'd create elaborate "houses" by raking the decomposing pine needles and leaves to make mounds.  By rake, I mean we'd use our feet and hands to clear 20 - 30 ft areas.  Can you guess what mom said before dinner when she saw our darkened hands?

Wash up

That's what God says to us.  The invitation to the divine includes a simple invite to get washed.  To be made clean in the waters of baptism.  God promises to wash away the sins.  We need to remember this daily. 

Baptism isn't a once and done deal.  Seriously, would you only take one shower/bath in your life time?   So every day, please remember God's love and forgiveness.  Martin Luther quipped:  "Every morning when I wash my face, I remember my baptism."

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Anonymous said...

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase; "washed up". Thanks.