Friday, November 13, 2009

A story that just came to me

Literally, this appeared in my "in box" on my eMail account.  During a time, when the news is telling us doom and gloom, we can remember God provided for his people in the past and will do so today.

August Francke was born in 1663 in Leipzig, Germany. He attended Leipzig University and began a college Bible study. In 1687, while preparing for a study on John 20:31, he experienced the "new birth." In 1692, he took a position at the University of Halle and became a minister at a local church. In 1695, he opened up an orphanage and school in Halle.

Soon after, money for the orphanage had been used up and the home's manager brought Francke a collection of bills. Francke had to confess that he had no money to pay for them. He was about to fall on his knees for the purpose of asking God to remember the cause of these needy orphans, when he remembered that he had to write an important message. Returning to pray for funds, a knock came at the door and an amount of $1000 was delivered, more than enough to pay the bills.

Francke was then reminded of the promise in Isaiah 65:24 "Before they call I will answer." Grateful to the Lord, he went to his bedroom to praise and thank the Lord for His overflowing provision.

Be bold in asking for God to provide daily bread for those in need.