Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're Already Dead

Jesus' comments in Matthew 10 are shocking and stunning. Add to them Romans 6 and you have a recipe for the Freedom of a Christian.

Jesus recognizes that things will not be easy. Followers of Christ will be picked on for standing against the crowd: whether being kind to the outcast or making the comfortable feel like they've been scrubbed with a brillo pad by holding up mirror to point out their short comings. Paul was living this message and in the future facing death.

In this clip from 12 O'Clock high, the new general states the truth about war; there is fighting and some may die.

If you worry about dying you are paralyzed by the worry; if you accept that death is normal you are free to make the best choices in any given circumstance. Paul reminds us in Romans 6, that we have died in our baptism and been raised to new life in Christ. The encouragement is to let the earthly worries and fears take a back seat to the joy and freedom of living to further the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CONVO Rocked

What a privilege to be a part of the 2008 Lutheran Youth Organization CONVO and exploring God's call not as some job/vocation, but as daily living. It was a roller coaster ride that lasted for 5 days, and I loved it. Remembering that God calls me to be nice to the unusual person in line at the grocery store as well as to prepare Sunday sermons re-grounded me in the TRUTH. That Christ has risen, so we are free to take care of those in need. Why else would a high school senior wonder if she was "weird" for wanting to go to Africa to help?

If you know of someone who will be in 9-12 grades in June 2009, send 'em to CONVO!